Intuitive Empath, Energy Reader & Healer, Tarot, Dreams, Angelic Assistance, Esoteric Orders, Protection, Paranormal Investigation & Hauntings.

Greetings all! Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Cosmo Constantine and I'm an Intuitive Empath, Energy Reader & Healer. It is my purpose and goal in life to bring illumination and unity to my fellow brothers and sisters. You will find that I am compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you achieve your best life. My skills as a healer/reader are continually being exercised and honed as an initiate in several Esoteric Orders including A.M.O.R.C., T.M.O, S.D.N., & A.R.C. I approach my clients as a healer, but also draw from my experience as a teacher/tutor, life coach, and artist. I utilize the following skills & tools to assist me in providing accurate and helpful readings: Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Healing Meditations, Guided Relaxations, Dreams, animal totems, shamanism, art therapy, synchronicity, Omens, Augury, spirit guides, angelic assistance, Hermetic Kabbalah, psychic protection an defense, as well as paranormal investigation & hauntings.

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Thank you Cosmo. Great reading! I will keep you posted.

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Ext. 891353

5 Star Rating

Rate: $6.99/min.

Years Experience: 15

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Languages: English, French

Credentials: AMORC, TMO, SDN, Order Du Temple Au Garall, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree


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