My expertise are karma reversal, love & relationships and manifesting abundance into your life.

Having trouble in your love life? Need to find a way to increase your income? Are you tired of being miserable and depressed? Well not anymore! Since a very young age I have been a spiritual guide to many family members, friends, and even strangers.

I am a conscious empath. I pick up on many subconscious emotions you may not want to face but the end result of the healing process is very rewarding for you. I pick up on past life and ancestral curses/traits that need to be removed to create a clear path on your journey. I give detailed card readings using the 52 playing deck of cards and medicine cards. When we begin to work with each other I do extra work for you to bring better possibilities in your reality. I not only predict your current future but help you create the best future for you and your loved ones.

I am much more than a psychic but a spiritual guide that you can expect to provide truth in a way best suited for the individual. Call now and lets begin to raise your vibrations, opening doors to your new life.

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5 Star Rating
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4 Star Rating
He's very nice...seems sweet. Courteous and polite. Would make a fantastic counselor, not so much a psychic/medium.
5 Star Rating
Another constructive and authentic conversation with Kamal - got me through the holidays with family. PHEW! Once a month with him, my favorite psychic, has helped me.
5 Star Rating
Kamal has the kindness to deliver the truth without the sting, and the integrity for both: kindness and honesty. I was weary of the other readings I've had (he's the one! Soul-mates! All good news!) when my gut maintained there was more to the story. As much as I like the feeling of having good news, the truth is what I need. Kamal is real. We are so lucky.
4 Star Rating
Good soul, has wisdom
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Ext. 899877

5 Star Rating

Rate: $8.99/min.

Years Experience: 23

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Languages: English

Credentials: Star Seed Council of Metaphysics, Conscious Empath, Medium, Connection with Passed Loved Ones, Spiritual Guide, Love Expert


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