How do I call or chat online with a psychic?

A: Simply select a psychic from the home page listings or browse psychic descriptions by category. If the psychic is available to take calls, you will see a "Call Me" button. If a psychic is available to chat, you will see a "Chat Now" button. Click the psychic's "Call Me" or "Chat Now" button to connect.

If you’re a first-time customer, you will be asked to set up an account before being connected. If you’re an existing customer, you must log in first to be connected with a psychic. You can also call 1-800-2-ASK-NOW (1-800-227-5669) and enter your psychic’s extension number to be connected.

What if my psychic isn't available?

A: If the psychic you would like to talk to isn't available, you can schedule a callback. We recommend selecting a 4-hour callback timeframe. If the psychic becomes available in the timeframe you selected, we will connect you by calling your preferred phone number on file.

What kind of questions can I ask?

A: We’re proud of the fact that our psychics specialize in such a wide range of areas, including love and relationships, astrology, career and money, dream interpretation, past lives, guardian angels and other matters of the heart and soul. You can find one specializing in your area of concern by searching psychics by category.

What If I run out of time during my reading?

A: If you run out of time during your reading, you may choose to continue at the per minute rate of the psychic or hang up to end the reading.

How will I know when I’m running out of time?

A: During a phone reading, when you reach zero minutes, you will hear the prompt: “You are now continuing at the per-minute rate” advising you that the per minute rate has started.

During an online chat, when you run out of time, a message will appear in your chat window to inform you that per-minute rate has begun.

Do I have to use my minutes all at once?

A: No. The minutes you purchase can be used any time, in any increments.

What if forget my 10-digit account number or 4-digit PIN?

A: For your 10-digit account number, you can try using any phone number that you have called from to access your account. You can find both the phone number and PIN we have on file for you by visiting your My Account page. If you are still having difficulties, call Customer Service at 1-800-660-1922.

What if I want to change my callback phone number, 10-digit account number or 4-digit PIN?

A: Simply login to your account and go to the “Member Account” menu to change any of these numbers.

What if I have questions about my account?

A: You can call Customer Service at 1-800-660-1922 or email us at:

What if I signed up over the phone and did not create a user name?

A: No problem. When you sign up over the phone, you would have entered your 10-digit phone number and 4-digit PIN. When accessing the member login screen on, click the link in the "Already a Phone Customer" section to create a website login. On this screen, you will be asked to enter the 10-digit phone number and 4-digit PIN that was created over the phone. Enter the security code displayed and press “Submit.” You will then be prompted to create a website user name, password and enter an email address, if there is not one already on file for this phone number and PIN combination.

What is a user name and how do I choose one?

A: A user name is the name you have created which is used to log into the AskNow website and identify yourself to psychics. Please note: psychics will not have access to your real name and personal information. A user name can be anything you choose, but must be at least 6 characters and a maximum of 20 characters. The user name may contain spaces, but not special characters.

Can I change my user name and PIN?

A: Yes, once you have logged into the system, you can go to the "Change Password or PIN" link from your member account menu and edit your user name.

Why do you ask for my phone number?

A: When you register on the website or phone, you will be asked to enter your phone number. This will act as your 10-digit account number. You will also be asked to create a 4-digit PIN. Your phone number/PIN combination is unique to you, and you should not share this with anyone, including your psychic. When you access your account through the AskNow phone service (1-800-2-ASK-NOW), you will be asked for both your phone number and PIN. It is possible to use more than one phone number to access our system.

How do I access my account information?

A: Login to your member account on the AskNow website to access your account information. From the right-hand navigational menu, you will be able to select links associated with your account.

What type of information is in My Account section?

A: We make it easy for you to see your payment history, psychic sessions, payment types and account balance, as well as edit all of your personal information and send and receive AskNow email.

What is the best way to find a psychic on AskNow?

A: We invite all visitors to spend time browsing our psychics to select the psychic of their choice. Psychics are usually listed by ranking (highest to lowest) based on availability and customer satisfaction. Most customers rate each psychic at the end of their reading. Customers can also write comments about a particular psychic. We then post these ratings and comments on each psychic's listing page.

Are your psychics for real?

A: Yes! Our psychics are screened, scrutinized, tested and handpicked by our highly experienced Master Psychic Managers. Only a small fraction of the hundreds of psychics who apply are actually accepted into our exclusive network of psychic advisors.

As an accomplished psychic, how can I join your service?

A: If you possess real Psychic or Tarot abilities, are 18 years of age or older and want to share your gifts and truly help people, you can earn great income while working out of the comfort of your home. You create your own schedule and work whenever it's convenient. Click here to learn more.

How do I reach Customer Service?

A: You may obtain assistance by emailing us at: or by calling 1-800-660-1922. You may also reach us by mail at: AskNow / 3665 East Bay Dr. Suite 204 E. / Largo, FL 33771

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